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Dawn Forsyth BA, RNCP, ROHP, CHCP - Owner

My journey into holistic nutrition began in 2009 when allergy tests confirmed my 2 year old daughter had food allergies. During her first year of school she was diagnosed with pneumonia 4 times between November and May and it was confirmed that she became asthmatic when sick. Alarmed by the amount of antibiotics being prescribed and concerned about the long term impacts, I enlisted the help of a nutritionist to support my daughter’s immune system. In early 2011, both my parents were diagnosed with cancer; just two weeks apart. After a slew of appointments with various medical and health practitioners it became alarmingly apparent the vital role that nutrition plays in our overall health. Sadly, over the years our earth has been exploited; toxins are abundant in our environment, soil is depleted of its minerals and nutrients, questionable farming practices, etc. Eating a clean diet is riddled with GMO’s and contaminated with herbicides and pesticides making it difficult to fuel our bodies.


Hind sight is 20/20 and after losing my father my path was clear. Dealing with this loss and managing my daughter’s health was the impetus to changing my career.  I returned to school with a renewed passion and purpose to learn the role nutrition and therapeutic supplementation has on our health. We know 80% of our immune system is in our gut and stress negatively affects our physical health.  I am especially passionate about digestive health, adrenal fatigue, anxiety/depression, hormonal imbalances, weight management and working with athletes wanting to gain a competitive edge!  I’m strengthening lives.

To date in my practice I've supported over 240 clients. From my own experience to that of my clients' I cannot stress enough the importance of proper nutrition and therapeutic supplementation using high quality vitamins and minerals in order to bring our body into BALANCE. There is no quick fix; this is a lifestyle change to strengthen our lives. Schedule your appointment today.


Mission and Vision

Sarah Legemaate

My passion for natural medicine has grown from an innate curiosity. Although gaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Waterloo allowed me to gain insight into topics such as human physiology, anatomy, toxicology and microbiology, I found that my interests laid within a broader, more intricate understanding of what is means to achieve wellness. Upon understanding that health is influenced by emotional, dietary, toxicological and lifestyle factors, I decided to pursue my Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Currently immersed in my second year of studies, I have been learning the practical skills in using botanical, nutritional, counselling and acupuncture therapy to bring the body to healing. 


Having been a Stouffville resident for most of my life, I love connecting with the community, sharing my knowledge and helping play a role in shaping the health of those around me.

Lori McCrossan

I have been on a personal health journey seeking knowledge in the natural health field for many years. I believe in using high quality vitamins and supplements to support our health because I’ve seen the difference it’s made in me and my family’s life.


I truly enjoy being outside in the forest, mountain biking or hiking with my dogs. I also enjoy swimming, water skiing and snorkeling. I love being connected with nature and believe we are all called to that connection. Being able to provide our body the support it needs allows us to live a much fuller and happier life.

I enjoy being a part of Health on Main because I have the luxury of working with wonderful positive people of like mindset. My true heart has always been to help others and see them happy and healthy.

Robbie McCrossan

Manual Therapy

I entered the world of health and wellness in 2014 as a personal and group fitness trainer. As a trainer, I had great success in helping people reach their goals and potential. As I became more intune to the body, health, and recovery, I did notice that there was an element missing for some of my clients. I have had personal experience with Osteopathy filling in those missing pieces, and I know that as an Osteopathic student, I can continue to help people achieve an active and healthy lifestyle with no limitations.

Osteopathic Study

Osteopathy is a practice that aims to allow the body to self-heal and self-regulate by removing blockages that impede our healing. An Osteopath’s goal is to allow for optimal alignment of the body returning to its normal function. 

Appointments now available at Health on Main: Wednesday - Friday 10:30am to 6:30pm

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